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Progressive Privilege

Let me give you a fast lesson on Progressive Privilege. We’re not going to discuss their freedom to scream “RAPE CULTURE” and our inability to scream “DON’T ACT LIKE A SLUT.” We’re not going to discuss their freedom to say “GET A DEGREE” and our inability to say “DEGREES = SERVITUDE FOREVER.” Instead, we’re going [...]

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Bitcoin will be stronger if it can’t be traded for fiat currency

I’m a bitcoin user: I sell t-shirts for bitcoin, I offer my consulting services for bitcoin, and I generally will use bitcoin as a form of local barter. I have never sold bitcoin for fiat currency (dollars, for example), and I tend to avoid buying from others who will convert my bitcoin amount into their [...]

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A funny thing happened on the way to the grocer’s

All over the web, I saw the headlines: “Whole Foods mandates that all companies list GMO ingredients on food labels.” And the world rejoiced. A few days later, a photo meme ignites across Facebook: “Peru bans Monsanto!” More rejoicing. The truth is, neither of these things are likely to be as positive as one might [...]

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Politically Correct?

Let me be clear here about something: “Politically correct.” Politics — “The activities associated with the governance of a country or area.” Correct — “Free from error; in accordance with fact or truth.” When I say something that you consider culturiist, sexist, prejudice, agist, weightist or anything else, that’s me saying it. I’m expressing myself. [...]

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Assholes, A Theory; by Aaron James

A book has been released (October 2012) by Aaron James titled “Assholes, a Theory.” Defining the Asshole The philosophy professor at Harvard takes a stab at trying to define the Asshole, with the idea that it’s an important step because supposedly there are so many of us around. The Scientist online newspaper has published an [...]

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Escalate or Bounce

Whenever I say “escalate or bounce” I am not talking about banging some new girl. This phrase is what defines a man with options, but not just sexual options. ALL relationship options. The Decision-making Strategy When a person interested in being my customer walks in my door, or calls me for the first time, the [...]

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Why Apple sues to protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property isn’t about competition

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Horses of Charles Buckett?

Another LendInk-aggressing indie author: Charles Buckett

Help change one man’s life for $1.99

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LendInk taken down by asshole indie authors

List of authors who took down LendInk.com

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Blame the Shysters

One Group to Rule us all

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Spirit Airlines cancels my return flight, offers no reimbursement

I defend the undefendable.

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Statists Gotta State

Grab one here: Statists Gotta State T-Shirt.

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Defending Spirit Airlines’ $100 carry-on fee

Spirit should charge $100 for a carry-on.

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Dada’s Buttericano buttered coffee recipe

Coffee + butter = jet fuel

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Giving up on instant delayed messaging

After 10+ years of using smart phones…

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Handfull of Money

Protesting versus Lobbying: a primer

Comparing protesting versus lobbying…

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How to replace the exclamation mark

I hate guys using exclamation marks…

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Democracy doesn’t have to be a monopoly decision

My view on “fixing” voting.

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Bosses for Ron Paul?

I don’t vote in general elections. I’d consider voting in primaries…

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Obama’s Assholecare and the 80% payout requirement

Health care has lost its way.

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Time is not money: money is time, stored.

Is YOUR economy bad?

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Alsace (France): better than Paris

Strasbourg: located in the beautiful and comfortable Alsace region…

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A Reminder to Man Up

You might’ve received this link from a friend who is concerned…

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The Uselessness of Contracts

It’s curious to me that some of the most hardcore anarchists support contracts…

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grass-fed-fed T-Shirt

Grass feeds cows, and grass-fed cows feed the healthiest people. Get one!

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The Best Beef Burger Recipe

I love meat, but it’s about flavor AND texture for me. My favorite meat, by far, is beef…

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Don’t protest: bust-ass

I’ve never really understood protesting: taking valuable time to preach to the choir…

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The U.S. Misery Index: Ignorant Data

A friend sent me an article discussing the latest U.S. Misery Index @ Yahoo Finance,

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I’m a racist, sexist, homophobe and also: I hate the children and the eldery.

My thoughts on why I hate every group.

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Do you owe your spouse sex?

A pretty neutral OpEd article over at HuffPo asks the readers: “Do We Owe Our Spouses Sex?”

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In Response to “The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism”

Over a Roosh’s blog, he posted a guest writer’s article titled The Hypocrisy Of…

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In Defense of Capitalism

A lovely lady sent me a link to an article titled A Psychological Profile of the Petty Minds That Defend Capitalism…

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Where are all the “good” men?

The amateur Ev-Psych blogging community is really slam-dunking lately with regards to relationship inequity and dysfunction…

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Tassimo Carte Noire Voluptuoso Corse

I’m a big fan of coffee — I’ll dive into a cheap $2 cup of Dunkin Donuts’ brew all the way up to a $80 cup of kopi luwak…

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs: and the ketogenic diet versus pancreatic cancer?

By now, the world is aware that Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers, has died…

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A Modest Proposal: More Debt for Most

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is demanding that debt of all sorts be wiped out…but it won’t change anything, ever…

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In Defense of Hunting

For me, buying my food at the grocery store has become a more difficult activity, since I have become more focused on eating real food…

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Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Your Street

There a protest going on that seems to be growing in number and variety — people “spontaneously” protesting Wall Street…

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The “inappropriate” cocktail dress situation

I’m not one to read or care about what goes on in the high society press, although I do have a guilty pleasure…

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Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as President of the United States in Washington

Rahm Emanuel plays on lowering the sales tax, by raising it

“I’m not for a toll on Lake Shore Drive, I am not for a citywide income tax, I’m not for increasing property taxes…”

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Two parents in the workplace: a net loss?

I have no opinion in terms of a woman’s right to work, as I hold to my belief that all individuals are sovereign…

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Thank you, Sean Maher, for being gay

I just want to say “Thank you!” to actor Sean Maher for coming out of the closet. That’s one more handsome…

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The Successful “Poly” Relationship

I’ve over 20 years of non-monogamous history, interwoven with a few monogamous relationships that exploded…

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The Berry: Sexual Organs of the Fruit World

The berry — something sweet but considered natural, easily confused by many if not most…

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Nownership — the Internet redefines property

A term I use (but doubt I actually coined) regularly is nownership, a portmanteau of no and ownership…

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2ABD.com — the reboot

A reboot seems pretty timely as I’m about to embark on some major changes in my life in the coming 8 weeks…

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