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Adam Brian Dada | Adam Brian Dada

Author: Adam Brian Dada

The Savior versus Saver Complex

Part of the patient saver’s process involves something similar to what a recovering alcoholic goes through in breaking off relationships with people that cause the addict to reconsider sobriety.   Over the past few years, one thing I’ve heard outside of the successes of becoming a saver is how much better relationships are as new savers become seasoned ones and start to establish new boundaries for what they look for in a new partner.   The “savior” complex that a lot of guys (I’m speaking as a guy) suffer in trying to help or save women gets resolved quickly...

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Adrenaline from risking, dopamine from watching

The consumer/producer mindsets are incredibly variable and complex to define by hormones alone, but one simplified expression that differs greatly in each is the adrenaline/dopamine comparison. By themselves these hormones can be generated from similar (or identical) actions, but the polarization comes fiercest in almost any public display of talent by an individual who is being watched by generally neutral bystanders. For those who read me 10 years ago, you may recognize these, with some modifications: The musician takes a risk to go on stage and entertain, using adrenaline reactions to challenge themselves to overcome the anxiety of stage...

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Lollapalooza and music in 1991 cost me $2 million

When it comes to zero reward living, I am the example of having blown more in my teens and 20s than most people make in their entire lives.  It wasn’t until I was 31, recently separated, and too broke to even afford to turn on electricity that I first encountered zero reward living — and it changed me for the better.  It changed me so much that 12 years later I went from being worth $0 to not having to work again. In 1991 I went to the first Lollapalooza tour. I went for free because I had radio...

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Cheap Home Gym: Landmine Handle

Just picked this landmine handle up (9/21/17) from Amazon (free shipping even without Prime) and it arrived yesterday. Decided to add more #landmine #exercise forms to the garage gym and honestly I think a guy could get by with just a landmine adapter, a barbell, a handle and some random olympic plates bought used.   Most of the forms done with a landmine rig are closer to isolation work than the full body workouts with a powerrack, but you can fit this in a closet and you don’t need the space for a full power rack rig, either.  ...

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What TV sports, video games and fantasy dramas is costing you

When it comes to zero reward living for a short period of time, most people just can not imagine that working an unskilled gig economy job means much to them.  “Why would I want to work for $15 an hour driving morons around?” There’s a reason why you’d want to, and why you should: because it’s not a forever investment of your time, and the time you spend in lieu of zero reward living style work is time you are burning your future away.  The younger you start, the better the results are, and the more energy and mental...

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