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Adam Brian Dada | Adam Brian Dada

Author: Adam Brian Dada

Zero Reward Living

Zero Reward Living is a term I coined a year or so ago when it became obvious that no amount of low reward living will help many people who are totally entrenched in high reward living to the point that every aspect of their lives revolves around FOMO (fear of missing out) and “affording” high reward activities. Lowering reward to zero It sounds unmanageable, and even I didn’t think it was possible, but thanks to the gig economy options out there (such as Uber or Instacart), I realized that this is the first time in history that a middle...

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Zero Reward Lifestyle: Mickey, Male, 25, Intro

Mickey (his actual birth name) needed help because the area he lives in doesn’t have a good gig economy but he was ready to change his life now rather than 10 years from now when he would be 35 and end up like some of his neighbors. So he asked for advice. ¬†And my answer was that it might be time to consider a zero reward living plan to undo the damage he’d done years prior. You are not limited by artificial boundaries I pulled up the maps and apps and looked to see where near him were some...

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