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Bitcoin will be stronger if it can’t be traded for fiat currency

I’m a bitcoin user: I sell t-shirts for bitcoin, I offer my consulting services for bitcoin, and I generally will use bitcoin as a form of local barter. I have never sold bitcoin for fiat currency (dollars, for example), and I tend to avoid buying from others who will convert my bitcoin amount into their [...]

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Horses of Charles Buckett?

Another LendInk-aggressing indie author: Charles Buckett

Help change one man’s life for $1.99

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LendInk taken down by asshole indie authors

List of authors who took down LendInk.com

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Handfull of Money

Protesting versus Lobbying: a primer

Comparing protesting versus lobbying…

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Democracy doesn’t have to be a monopoly decision

My view on “fixing” voting.

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Obama’s Assholecare and the 80% payout requirement

Health care has lost its way.

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Don’t protest: bust-ass

I’ve never really understood protesting: taking valuable time to preach to the choir…

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In Defense of Capitalism

A lovely lady sent me a link to an article titled A Psychological Profile of the Petty Minds That Defend Capitalism…

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Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Your Street

There a protest going on that seems to be growing in number and variety — people “spontaneously” protesting Wall Street…

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Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as President of the United States in Washington

Rahm Emanuel plays on lowering the sales tax, by raising it

“I’m not for a toll on Lake Shore Drive, I am not for a citywide income tax, I’m not for increasing property taxes…”

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Nownership — the Internet redefines property

A term I use (but doubt I actually coined) regularly is nownership, a portmanteau of no and ownership…

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