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Relationship Economics


Escalate or Bounce

Whenever I say “escalate or bounce” I am not talking about banging some new girl. This phrase is what defines a man with options, but not just sexual options. ALL relationship options. The Decision-making Strategy When a person interested in being my customer walks in my door, or calls me for the first time, the [...]

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Giving up on instant delayed messaging

After 10+ years of using smart phones…

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Do you owe your spouse sex?

A pretty neutral OpEd article over at HuffPo asks the readers: “Do We Owe Our Spouses Sex?”

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In Response to “The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism”

Over a Roosh’s blog, he posted a guest writer’s article titled The Hypocrisy Of…

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Where are all the “good” men?

The amateur Ev-Psych blogging community is really slam-dunking lately with regards to relationship inequity and dysfunction…

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Two parents in the workplace: a net loss?

I have no opinion in terms of a woman’s right to work, as I hold to my belief that all individuals are sovereign…

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Thank you, Sean Maher, for being gay

I just want to say “Thank you!” to actor Sean Maher for coming out of the closet. That’s one more handsome…

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