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Social Studies


Progressive Privilege

Let me give you a fast lesson on Progressive Privilege. We’re not going to discuss their freedom to scream “RAPE CULTURE” and our inability to scream “DON’T ACT LIKE A SLUT.” We’re not going to discuss their freedom to say “GET A DEGREE” and our inability to say “DEGREES = SERVITUDE FOREVER.” Instead, we’re going [...]

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Politically Correct?

Let me be clear here about something: “Politically correct.” Politics — “The activities associated with the governance of a country or area.” Correct — “Free from error; in accordance with fact or truth.” When I say something that you consider culturiist, sexist, prejudice, agist, weightist or anything else, that’s me saying it. I’m expressing myself. [...]

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Assholes, A Theory; by Aaron James

A book has been released (October 2012) by Aaron James titled “Assholes, a Theory.” Defining the Asshole The philosophy professor at Harvard takes a stab at trying to define the Asshole, with the idea that it’s an important step because supposedly there are so many of us around. The Scientist online newspaper has published an [...]

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Why Apple sues to protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property isn’t about competition

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Blame the Shysters

One Group to Rule us all

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Time is not money: money is time, stored.

Is YOUR economy bad?

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The Uselessness of Contracts

It’s curious to me that some of the most hardcore anarchists support contracts…

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The U.S. Misery Index: Ignorant Data

A friend sent me an article discussing the latest U.S. Misery Index @ Yahoo Finance,

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I’m a racist, sexist, homophobe and also: I hate the children and the eldery.

My thoughts on why I hate every group.

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The “inappropriate” cocktail dress situation

I’m not one to read or care about what goes on in the high society press, although I do have a guilty pleasure…

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