This website uses Coin-Hive to hash the cryptocoin Monero as a method to award visitors points towards redemption on this site. If you are not logged in, you will still be hashing but you won’t earn any points towards future redemption.

Hashing is currently in “alpha test” stage and doesn’t offer any features but as long as you are logged in here, you will be able to see your balance of hashes.  In the future, this balance will be available to redeem for certain premium features or private consulting time.

Does hashing cost me anything?

It can — hashing uses some of your device’s processing power which means it may draw a bit more electricity than if you weren’t hashing.  If you are logged in, you can set your hash threads to zero (see below) and that turns off hashing.  Anonymous users (not logged in) will always have to deal with it as it defrays the cost of site maintenance, a penny at a time.

The hashing you do ends up going to an account that I will redistribute among registered users at a later date.  I don’t need the money to live on or really support this basic site.  I want to find a way to generate free stuff for active users.

Is hashing secure?

Hashing uses JavaScript written and managed by  It just runs some math on your device and uploads that math to another server.  Your private data is safe because JavaScript doesn’t access your local device’s data.

Can I edit the number of threads I am hashing?

Yes but it’s sorta complicated.  If you’re logged in, visit your user profile page and scroll down to “MySpace” and enter a number.  Default is blank which means 2 threads at once.  Enter whatever number you like here, click save at the bottom, and the next time you load a page it should show that number of threads.  I’ll make this easier in the future.

Can I help the site with hashing?

It helps more than you think!  Just leaving the site open on a tab at work or at school means an extra penny here or there.  What helps the most is sharing links to articles you appreciate and want your social network to read.  Everyone reading is hashing, and every hash adds up.  In addition, all anonymous hashes are equally distributed to registered users in a pro-rated fashion, so the more traffic you send this way, the better it is for you!

How much does the site make from hashing?

I killed this site in 2016 and rebooted it September 19, 2017.  In the first day I think the site cleared a whopping 10 cents in Monero.  But that’s with minimal traffic.  My old site had a ton of traffic, most of it anonymous, so who knows what could happen.  As long as Monero stays capable of javascript hashing, it’s feasible the site could see a few grand a month based on older traffic analysis.

In order to add a boat to my fleet, we would need something like 12 TRILLION hashes, lol.  At 20 hashes per second per user, that’s just under a trillion seconds of visits.  So it isn’t going to buy us all a boat, but it might help pay for some free rides!


Redemptions include the ability to access the private forum and even include free shares towards some of my co-ops.

Some future redemptions I have in mind are:

  • Ability to see archived posts
  • Earn actual shares and rides in my #sailluminati fleet
  • Private messaging time or phone consulting time with me
  • Get early access to some of the projects I am working on