How to get ahold of A.B. Dada: I’m a platonic friend, and we’ve spent actual time together in the past 6 months

Hello, platonic friend who I saw in the past 6 months!

Is it time to  hang out again?  Awesome!

A few things first:

  • If this is not a specific event and you just want to hang out, please text me at +1-773-257-3232 with your name and when you’d like to get together.
  • If it is an event, email me at, with all the details.  Here are some details I prefer knowing:
  • When is the event, specifically?  Please write down the exact date, and the time range it will run for
  • Where is the event, specifically?  A city, state and country is helpful
  • Are you hosting the event, or are you attending?  If you are attending, is there a cost to me to join you?  If you are hosting, are you expecting me to pay you to attend?
  • Is the event for some not-for-profit or charity?
  • Do I need to bring a date?
  • Is the event open to all, or is it a closed guest list?  If the latter, will there be a door man actually checking the list?
  • What is the dress code, and will it be enforced?
If you just want to tell me you miss hanging out: I miss hanging out with you, too!  Please address the list above to schedule some hang out time.
If you’re a female platonic friend I  have hung out with in the past 6 months, and you find yourself sexually attracted to me, or fantasizing about me, or actually are interested in dating, please reference the sexual partner contact page.