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Personal Consulting Services

Personal Consulting Services

One of my main streams of income is assistant high income individuals in figuring out the source of things concerning them.

Typically, the areas I review the most frequently are: intimate relationships, finances and general unhappiness.

Yes, even the rich and powerful deal with these issues, sometimes more often than the less well-to-do.

My rates for the rich and powerful are high: I typically charge upwards of $240 per hour for consulting.

I am not a self help assistant or a life coach.  I’m an efficiency expert.  There’s no feel-good recommendations here, instead it’s sharp and decisive recommendations as to where they’re going wrong.

How can I help you?

I also set aside 10+ hours a week to help those who are not as well off.  Maybe you’re in your 20s and not finding yourself getting ahead of where you were just a few years ago.  Maybe you’ve reached your 40s and find yourself single and lonely.  I’ve interviewed thousands of people, and I see the same mistakes made, over and over.  I even make those mistakes myself.

If you’re finding yourself in a rut, or you think you should be further along in your life, I may be available to discuss your particular situation.  I work on a sliding scale, and am even available to do pro bono consulting depending on your individual situation.

If you’re interesting in an honest opinion and some direction, contact me via email at adam.dada@gmail.com, using the subject line “Efficiency help”.

Things to gather before contacting me

In your introductory email, I need the following:

1. Do you own or rent your residence?

2. What is your overall debt situation like (credit cards, mortgage, car loans, education, medical debt)?

3. What part of the country or world do you live in?

4. What’s your education history?

5. Are you in a long term relationship or not?

6. What is your income range?

7. What is your total savings, including any equity in a home or car or jewelry?


What if you’re wealthy?

If you’re a person of high income (over $100,000 per year) or capital savings (equity over $1 million), you can contact me directly by phone.  Email me with the subject line “phone number request” and I’ll pass off my toll free US number or one of my local European or Asian contact numbers for your convenience.  Typically, the first telephone conversation is free, after which I will charge you based on your wealth and how quickly you need a response.