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Another LendInk-aggressing indie author: Charles Buckett

Another LendInk-aggressing indie author: Charles Buckett

My Website, My Property

This website and the blog contained herein are my private personal property.

I let you visit here because I like your visits — even if I hate you as a person.  People call me a hateful person, but I’m not: as mammals, we are a competitive species from birth.  We move with caution against other creatures as we are uncertain if they are here to help us or attack  us.  That’s what human beings are.

I verbally attack with gusto, with my uncanny wit that offends most but attracts the rare few who know that my words are mere comedy.  You need a strong intellect to be able to weather my writings.  In them are some of life’s greatest secrets, but only those who can maintain composure and not get offended instantly will be able to reap what I am sowing.

When I posted about how LendInk was taken down by a bunch of asshole indie authors, I didn’t realize I would get thousands of hits.  It’s funny to me.
The Background

One commenter on that post is “chazb” who remained anonymous, but gives himself great thanks in being a part of taking down LendInk.  At first, I thought I should attack this guy with all my power — and I’m pretty powerful.  I’m a high status guy with tens of thousands of fans and friends throughout the world.

But yet upon looking for chazb, I realized that I am far too powerful and he is far too weak.  So I am going to try a little sociological test, and I hope you can help me.

With chazb I had no information about him: a throw-away email address, an IP address, and a username.  Not much to go on.  I did some searching for his IP address and discovered it’s in Florida, but it’s a dynamic address that changes, so there’s no history logs of his whereabouts online.  The email address doesn’t pull up any searches.

I moved to the next step: the username.  chazb.  Chaz Bono?  Probably not.  He/she doesn’t live in Florida, either.  Chaz is a nickname for Charles.  Let’s try Charles B.  Indie author.  I didn’t have a book title, but he said he took 25 years to write his first novel.  That gives me a little bit of wiggle room.

So I did the searches: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Facebook, Twitter.  Little by little, I beat down the systems I use to find my enemies and wrestle them to the ground, where I can lay over their virtual corpses in victory.

As I said, I didn’t find someone that I could attack, even though he admitted he was part of the LendInk take down.

So join me today in trying to do something that is the opposite of what I usually do: instead of crushing my opponent who is my near equal, I need to toughen them up so that they can someday reach my level of power and status.  Then, and only then, can I properly fight them by mockery or other verbal aggression.

The Competitor

chazb is Charles Wesley Buckett.  He has a wife, and they live in Florida.  Their home is small, but it appears he has horses.

Charles Buckett, playing guitar, from his Facebook profile (public)

One more positive: it appears he has horses or loves them.

Horses of Charles Buckett?

I like horses.  I like Florida.  I appreciate marriage.  3 points in his favor.

Charles Buckett is the author of an e-novel called “Special Times, Special Summers“, (link to Amazon, not an affiliate link!).  It’s 125 pages long, and it’s a story about a 15 year old boy’s crush on a young girl.  Not my type of story, but at least Mr. Buckett took the time to actually write a book.  That’s another point in his favor.

The Attacks

Charles Buckett, under his pseudonym chazb, visited my blog and left this initial comment.  Click through it and see how he talks about his lawyer, and why he attacked LendInk, and why he refuses to admit that he was wrong.   Thankfully, Mr. Buckett didn’t actually post anything publicly, so he never actually aggressed against LendInk.  And yet, he actually throws out a small threat against me:

I could retaliate. I could write to your hosting service. I could show them your foul speech and apparent slander. I could insist that you be taken down and threaten legal action if you aren’t removed. But I am not doing that. And do you know why?

There we go with the fucking legal action bullshit.  This is what’s wrong with this world: instead of debating, we want to go consult with shyster lawyers.    As if those bastards haven’t done enough damage to a once-agreeable society.

So I thought I would make a mockery of Mr. Buckett, but my soft side shows me a man who is honestly trying.  He didn’t aggress against LendInk, he never posted publicly that he wanted them shut down and it doesn’t appear that he sent any DMCA or other attacks against the website.

My Opponent is unworthy of battle

Charles posted on his Facebook a few months ago that he needed cash to keep his Internet and TV running:

I can’t allow a man beneath my level of power and status to be crushed by me.  I don’t kill ants that are walking along the same roadway as I am.

On the flipside, Mr. Buckett posted about how “politically correct speech” is anathema to him:

I agree with him!  So we have a few points in his favor, even with his crazy comments about how LendInk was hurting him and needed to be taken down.

Proving My Point: Copyright is shit

So to prove my point, I am going to promote his book.  I request that all my readers, fans, friends, family, and visitors to this site go ahead and drop $1.99 to help this guy out.  Let’s see if he sees the light.

Maybe, with enough purchases, I can convince him to relinquish his e-book file to me to host on this website for people to download freely to try it out.  I bet if he does that, he’ll see his sales skyrocket, even though people can get it for free.

I’m counting on you to dip into your pocket for $1.99 and join me in showing this copyrighter that there’s no need to worry about protecting your creation, because the Internet is about promoting your creation in hopes that people will support you AFTER they have consumed, not before.

Will you join me?

The book is available here: Special Times, Special Summers by Charles Buckett   Even if you don’t have a Kindle e-reader, you can download free software for your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices to read the book.

If you purchase the book and review it in my comments section below, I’ll send you something free out of my own pocket worth more than $2.

Let’s show these copyrighters that they’re wrong, that copyright stifles promotion and creativity and sharing of information.  Let’s blow the doors off the idea that an author is best served by the law, the government, and the shyster lawyers that make it impossible for a new author in a small town to get discovered.

Please comment below if you bought the book, or why you don’t want to buy the book.  Do not aggress against Charles Buckett, I want to teach him a lesson about why copyright is just for shyster lawyers and the big book “distributors” and “publishers.”

Proof of my Purchase

Here’s my purchase:

I bought Special Times, Special Summers by Charles Buckett

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About A.B. Dada

A.B. Dada resides in Chicago, Illinois and manages a multitude of businesses involved across a wide range of industries.


  1. How revolutionary of you. =’)

    • A.B. Dada says:

      I’m an asshole who loves to help people in need.

      When I say “need” I don’t mean financial. This guy seems like he could use a lesson in free market economics. I may just post the image to his book (linked to Amazon’s image, not hosted here) in order to show him that all promotion is good promotion.

      And if he decides to give me his un-DRM’d EPUB or PDF file to host here, I guarantee his sales will skyrocket.

      Small time authors need to know that they can’t compete with the big publishing houses unless they give their work away for free up front, and then write great books that make people want to reimburse them.

      It works for me, it can work for any small indie.

      Copyright is dead, and I will be the one to put the last bullet in its corpse. Last bullets, actually, because I will beat that dead horse until the day of my last breath.

      • Dave Head says:

        Here’s another name you can add to the boycott list:
        James D. McDonald
        He claims that LendInk had no right to exist without the permission of the publishing community. No not the contract with Amazon (which he considers invalid) but to contact all the authors & publishers (like Random House) and ask permission to sell books.

        As for your book:
        If this was some random person, I would buy it to make the point, but he is one of those who believes LendInk deserved to die. I am not giving my cash to such a person. Besides I already spent my 2 dollars on pizza.

  2. Cheezis says:

    He’s still an asshat, and my summer love story is way more poignant than his, plus I got laid, but you don’t see me going around trying to get people to pay for hearing about it.

    • A.B. Dada says:

      It’s $2 and I promise you’ll get more out of me than that.

      This is about proving him wrong — an entrepreneur doesn’t go to government to help them. They go to the market.

  3. Deb says:

    I wish I had known about LendInk before it was shut down. I see nothing in the terms of service that indicates I can only loan one of my ebooks to someone that I know personally. When I purchase a “regular” book I can share it, trade it, loan it, even give it away.

    Most of these indie authors appear to be like sheep, jumping on the bandwagon without fully knowing what’s going on. Those who know the least always seem to complain the most.

    • Mark says:

      “Those who know the least always seem to complain the most”-Deb

      My new favourite quote, and it sums up pretty much everything. Thanks.

  4. The bottom line here is that increasing numbers of people are self-publishing thinking they are going to make fortunes.

    They have no idea how publishing works, no thought to what the reader has a right to expect and indeed, it’s arguable that they even consider the reader at all.

    Sadly, this same lack of education is also at the heart of the whole negative review debate which is currently raging on Amazon and Goodreads because these authors are the same ones who fail to grasp the simple concept that when a reader commits time and hopefully money to a book, that also earns them the right to voice an opinion. As a result, when someone posts something less than flattering, they feel the need to go on the attack. This in turn leads to issues with what I call the review Mafia and we’re suddenly into a vicious cycle of anger and sock-puppetry. One from which there is unlikely to emerge any winner.

    Authors need to wake up to the realities of entering what is not only a cut throat business but an increasingly dirty one because only once they begin to understand how it actually works can they ever hope to make a positive name for themselves.

  5. Dave Head says:

    Here’s another name you can add to the boycott list:
    James D. McDonald
    He claims that LendInk had no right to exist without the permission of the publishing community. No not the contract with Amazon (which he considers invalid) but to contact all the authors & publishers (like Random House) and ask permission to sell books.

  6. Zankabo says:

    Hey Mr Dada,

    I bought his book.. and shall take the time to read it and even post a review over on Amazon for it (maybe come back here for posting it also).

    You owe me nothing for it, because I agree with what you are trying to do and I think it’s a great idea. I hope someday to write something worthwhile also.

    I am saddened by the lendink mess (I have been using a similar service, Lendle, for some time now and it is a great thing! Heck, it has encouraged me to buy more books even!) and have a list of authors to never touch AND a new website here to read!

    Thank you.

  7. eden baylee says:


    I’m an indie author who was almost collateral damage when the story broke about Lendink. One of the authors in your previous post accused me of owning Lendink, being affiliated with Hootsuite, and threatened to sue us both for copyright infringement. As a newbie to Twitter, this person was clueless.

    I’ve used social media to spread good news, to solicit for good causes via crowd fundraising, and to share useful information.

    This case with Lendink is an example of social media used in the worst way possible. Rumors were taken as truth with no fact checking, no allowance for “innocent before proven guilty,” and to hell with anyone caught in the crossfire.
    Although these rumors were perpetuated by only a few, it paints indie authors as hysterical and uninformed about their own business.

    I understand your tactics, but not buying their books is the least of my concerns. I highly doubt these authors are making a living on their books alone. What bothers me more is their mean-spirited natures — threatening a business owner and his family and feeling completely within their right to do so. Even with the facts staring them in the face, many remain unrepentant. Behind the keyboard, they can spew venomous hate and fiction because they feel wronged.
    It’s pathetic behavior for anyone with an ounce of intelligence and integrity. As much as I’d like to strangle the collective stupidity of these authors, it’s not worth my energy. They are cowards and I feel sorry for them more than anything.

    Indie authors like to talk about support a lot. Many who were part of this mob against Lendink feel they’ve supported one another in an “indie revolution.” When it comes right down to it, supporting indie authors is about BUYING their books, putting your money where your mouth is — truly helping an author earn a living. Though I don’t buy books from every indie author, I buy many and support even more via social media.

    I just picked up Mr. Buckett’s book. What the hell? You made a good case for it.


  8. Wow. You actually surprised me–I truly did not see “buy his book” coming. I respect your actions and your words. Well played, sir.

    • A.B. Dada says:

      Thanks, Alex.

      One doesn’t pick battles unless one sees fairness in opponents.

      I am a teacher of all things related to truly free markets. I wish to pass on my knowledge and can do so with both wit and reward.

  9. Now I’m curious so I’ll bite and buy.

  10. Buddy Elf says:

    His rank has gone from #545,000ish in the Kindle Store (when i first read your post earlier) , to #75,000ish in the Kindle Store (as i write this)… probably good for 3-4 sales.

    And now someone has 1-starred the book… lol.

    • chazb says:

      If it is an honest one-star, I will not complain. If it is not, there is little I can do.

      I’d love to know the thoughts of the people… It would help me improve.

  11. Betty Swalleaux says:

    You look like a nonce.

  12. chazb says:

    Wow. I am surprised, too. But I would like to specify something, if I may —

    I said “I COULD” do this — but I wasn’t going to. I believe you have a right to free speech! Yes, I’ve been having a rough time. I could go into my health problems, my wife’s health, the fact that she’s not been able to get a job. It’s been a rough time.

    I also congratulate you on a very thorough detective job. You’ve found who I am, approximately where I am located. You obviously have great investigative skills. Maybe you could even help find my wife’s biological family.

    I apologize for offending you, as I apparently have. And it is possible that I have misunderstood Lendink. I do not deny such a possibility. I probably should have given the site a more thorough vetting. I do not usually react without investigating. To say anything in way of explanation would simply sound like I’m trying to make excuses. I learned a long time ago it doesn’t make sense to do that.

    I did stand up for what I believed. If anyone has a copy of the Lendink FAQ or the like, just send it on to me. At the moment, however, my belief stands. I am willing to admit error if I can see for myself. But even if I find that I am in error, would I be able to bring the site back? I could work to that end, but would it be successful?

    Thank you for allowing me to express my views. Whether or not we agree on Lendink in the future, we do seem to share a love of free speech. That’s a start.

    I would like to close with a brief verse I penned a while back:

    Tolerance, Tolerance, That is the key
    I tolerate you, but you don’t tolerate me.
    So I don’t tolerate you and we have a war.
    Soon we’re both tolerant because we are no more.

    Thank you again.

    Charles W. Buckett (Indie), Fort McCoy, FL

    • Andrew Medina says:

      Ok so that post does confirm everything I found about you.

      Since you’ve owned up to your mistake, instead of buying your book I’ll make you an offer.

      Send me everything you know about your wife’s biological family (she wasn’t adopted was she? Adoption agencies are secretive like you wouldn’t believe) and I’ll see what/who I can find.

      I’m a pretty busy person but I’ll find the time for you. The email address is attached.

  13. Charles Bucket is a nice guy. I love what you’re doing here.

    I fully support DRM-free books. DRM doesn’t stop piracy.

    See http://defectivebydesign.org for details.

    I list all my books with no DRM. Always have, always will. I also support free software.

    I’m a full time software developer, and do not make a living off my books. I donate a substantial portion of my royalties to charity. (Reglue! http://reglue.org) Anyone who would steal my book is not only stealing from me, they are stealing from charity.

    • Oh, and I will put my money where my mouth is. If Mr. Dada emails me @ taknight@dragon-wing.net, I will send him a DRM free PDF, MOBI and ePub that he can list on his blog, free for download.

      The only thing I ask, is that if you download and enjoy the book, that you go back to Amazon or KoboBooks, and purchase a copy to support Reglue.

  14. chazb says:

    Evidence is gradually coming to me. I am considering everything that does come to light.

    Some of the authors (not to mention names) were caught up in hysteria of possible piracy. Some did not defend, they say, but wish they had. Some (myself included) did not investigate fully. I am no longer certain if I am right. As I say, I am considering all evidence.

    If I screwed up, I’m one of many. If I did not, I still am one of many. I do not see much way to repair an error in this case. After I have completed my re-evaluation,

    May it never be said that I refused to reconsider my belief. But I need more information than what I have. If you can supply, please do.

    • albieg says:

      There’s all the evidence you want, you just have to look for it. You may not be convinced, but if you can’t understand that it was intellectualy lazyness that put you in this situation, then you’re screwed. Don’t ask others to do now the homework you failed to do from the start. There’s plenty of information around.

      • chazb says:

        Yes, I admit I should have done more research at the beginning. That’s my error. I freely admit that.

        I often get political Email, Spam, rumor and the like. I don’t buy into it without checking. But if you aren’t asking “why” I didn’t on this issue, then I’m not going to give my reasons. That’s one thing I’ve learned over the years. Nobody wants to hear ‘em.

        I am still searching for certain information. If I find it, I’ll be able to determine if and how much I may have been in error.

        I DO wish someone would explain, however, how a request that I made to have my book removed from their site can be construed as forcing the site down. I had only one book there. Others had many more titles. Their total sales were hundreds, maybe even thousands more than what I’ve had.

        • albieg says:

          So I’m going to give you some information: you had NO book there. Everything was done through the legitimate and legitimately used Amazon API (Application Programming Interface): if you searched for a book on Lendink, you would have found it. You would have found every book in Amazon’s catalogue. That’s something even supporting authors don’t understand: the request for a book was forwarded to Amazon’s servers and the information about the books were gathered from there. You found your book because it’s on Amazon, not on Lendink. There’s no need to duplicate an entire store, and no advantage at all. This fact is unknown also to some authors who support(ed) Lendink and were thrilled to find their book there. But at least they were on the right side, not the wrong one.

          Also, not being a U.S. citizen, I’d like to ask something about your legal system: when three people commit a murder together, does a judge split the punishment in three? I don’t think so. Being ‘one of the many’ wouldn’t help because responsibility is shared, not divided. And I don’t consider being right just the same as being wrong, as you seem to do in your previous post. That’s why I think you share the responsibility of bringing down the site: the material act may be small, but the moral act is not. You were in the wrong and you cannot divide responsibility: I’m afraid you’ll have to share it.

  15. Cat says:

    I’ve been wondering if the “piracy boosts sales” theory only works for an author that has more than one available work. For example, in the music world a pirated single by a new artist could lead to the purchase of all songs on the album. But when an author only has one work, what’s gained if they don’t earn enough to make a second? I think that’s why many authors aiming to put out a genre series create a novella to immediately precede the release of the first book in a series.

    That said, do you also need to have high-quality works to put this theory into play?

    But, judging from my own pirate/purchase behavior, I do believe authors are wrong in assuming 100 pirated copies = 100 lost sales. Many people pirate a copy just because it’s available, not necessarily because they were already interested. But my top 5 favorite authors, who I line up to pre-order, were all discovered through pirated copies.

    People are going to pirate. Sites like LendInk reduced the need and, by having to give the book back, forced you to by a version of even the “freebie” if you liked it and wanted to retain the content. Kindle lending at public libraries isn’t really up to snuff yet.

  16. I looked up “The Man” on Wiki. There was a pic of A.b. Dada.
    I certainly have plenty to think about now.

  17. Fraser.Dk says:

    I was all set to pony up $2 for a moderately-funny cause but it seems that Amazon doesn’t offer epubs and I’m voting with my dollars against DRM.

    Maybe you should let Buckett know about lulu.com rather than propping up shoddy DRM schemes.

    Here’s a fun+relevant thread.

  18. pegathesaurus says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the Roald Dahl link here?

  19. AllenM says:

    “Thanks, ALLEN!
    Special Times, Special Summers will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle via Amazon Whispernet. You can go to your Kindle to start reading.”

    Honestly, I may not even read the book(I have a full waiting list right now anyway), I am doing this on principle. Most indie music artist have made it easy to listen to their music before you buy it. I buy more music based on it’s merit than following a specific artist, and would love to see the Indie authors have some sort of try before you buy scenario. Maybe chazb will learn something and make his book available, if it is worth reading, then it will be worth me buying it.


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