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Bosses for Ron Paul?

Bosses for Ron Paul?

I don’t vote in general elections.  I’d consider voting in primaries, only because that act of voting carries no long term legal weight.

When the madness is over and a political candidate is elected, historically all it has meant to me was more regulations ahead, more spending ahead, more taxation to cover that spending, more loopholes for the rich and powerful, and less opportunity for those who aren’t the rich and powerful.  I’m not wealthy nor powerful, so all I see with each election — be it federal or local — is a harder time for me to focus on what matters most.

My story

I’m a boss.  I’ve been a boss since my teens.  Being your own boss can take two different directions: either you go at it alone and try your hardest to find customers while balancing your own schedule to try to reach everyone in the order of their need, or you hire more people and learn to delegate the priorities of yourself and your staff.

I’ve done the boss thing both ways.  Going at it alone is great for your bottom line versus your business’ total income, but there’s a limit to how much one person can do.  Bringing on a staff is risky: if business drops, you have to let people go.  When you run a business completely by yourself, you can restrain your own personal budget if income drops.  The risk of having to fire staff you’ve spent months and thousands of dollars to train is something that holds many employers back from hiring — especially in the midst of ever-changing regulations that come down from government.

Why politicians hurt you and I

In all my years of watching various elections, I’ve rarely been excited about a candidate.  Even when candidates declare themselves to be “pro-business”, their voting record from their pasts always show that what they really mean is that they’re pro-certain businesses in certain markets.  They’re never pro-my business, and I would wager a bet that they’re not for your business or your boss’ business either.  When a politician provides help for a connected industry, it puts all of us one step closer to poverty.  It restricts how we can compete with the protected cronies, it takes our income through taxation to reap rewards for the connected few.

Yet in this next Presidential election, there really is one politician who has been in office since the 70s and has truly been promoting the individual separate from all groups: Ron Paul.  He’s against pandering to any groups because he believes truly that the law was created to protect all individuals equally.

Why Ron Paul will increase employment opportunities

With his plan to greatly reduce the spending on the War on Drugs and the Wars on Terrorism along with a strong number of Federal do-nothing bureaucracies, I have a feeling that he’ll make my life easier in the business world: by reducing my tax burdens and regulatory nightmares, I will be able to do the one thing that I love doing as a boss: hire more employees.

Hiring new employees does triply duty for me:

  • First, it makes my life easier because I can delegate some of my responsibilities on someone who can do it better or faster or cheaper than I can.
  • Second, it gives me the joy of knowing I’m succeeding in the market and giving someone else an opportunity to succeed with me.  I receive greater personal joy in hiring someone than I do in just profit-seeking.
  • Third, it allows me to make that profit by bringing in more labor, allowing me to charge more customers for the services we render.

The problem is, with most Presidential elections, my businesses get hurt more and more as each 4 year cycle progresses.  Whatever each new President brings to the Federal regulatory books is added to what all the previous Presidents brought.  More taxes, more regulations, more restrictions, more requirements — these all lead to a heavier burden on myself and all bosses to try to pay for these “programs”.  It means I have to spend more time with accountants and lawyers trying to see what new laws I might be violating — this means I work less, bill less, earn less, hire less.

It’s important that the employees of the country (both working and not working) realize that the reason they may be unemployed or underemployed has little to do with their bosses’ desires.  We employers already send around 20-30% of our employees’ paychecks to various governments automatically.  We’d rather give it straight to the employee to spend as they wish.  Imagine if your paycheck tomorrow could instantly go up 30% — what would you do with it?  How much less would I have to work to try to calculate those government payments?  How much more freedom would your life have if you yourself could start your own business, not being afraid of the IRS or of the dozens of regulatory agencies that work extra hard to keep you from competing with their corporate cronies?

My commitment to more hiring

Maybe I’m the first one to make this commitment — I hope that other bosses reading this will join me in posting their own commitment based on one simple action.  If Ron Paul wins the Republican primary in the State of Illinois in 2012, I will increase my number of employees across all my businesses by 10%, starting in 2013.  He doesn’t have to win as President, he just has to win in my home state.  If that happens, it means the people are finally starting to realize that almost all the politicians are harming their chances at not just wealth, but at just getting out of poverty.  A win in my state would mean that Illinoisans are finally starting to accept that more government means fewer opportunities for the individual.

If you’re a boss, join me in making this very commitment.  That 10% growth will mean I’ll be 15% poorer starting in 2013, but I will be happy to lose that income if it means that the country is making a change.  That change will reap everyone benefits — including me — when the voters finally oust their “leaders” from office and elect a follower who listens to the pulse of the hundreds of millions of individuals in this once-free nation, a nation that I believe will find freedom again.

If you’re a boss, please make this commitment.  If you’re an employee, ask your boss to make this commitment.  If you’re unemployed, ask those in your life who are employers or employees to read this and pass it on as needed.

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About A.B. Dada

A.B. Dada resides in Chicago, Illinois and manages a multitude of businesses involved across a wide range of industries.


  1. I’m with you,,I have always supported my self I owned a Pressure washing company in Tampa Florida , Then a Model & Actor, And Two photography Studios in South Florida. ( Sharp Shooters Photography ) And Jeffrey Lynn’s Photography. Now a Homemade Beer & Wine Along with Indoor Gardening as in HYDROPONICS. I have always voted. RON PAUL HAS OUR BACKS HE IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB< HE HAS MY VOTE. IF THE MAFIA CONTROLLED MEDIA WOULD COVER HIM MORE. You would see he is the RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB,, I have never VOTED for A REPUBLICAN,, BUT I WILL THIS TIME IF THEY LET HIM ON THE TICKETT. TRULY JEFFREY L. JOHNSON ( The Wine-N-Vine INC.)

  2. Firepower says:

    Looks like you won’t need to hire that extra 10%: Illinois routinely supports the most crooked Democrat candidate. Not those with Libertarian streaks.

  3. David. says:

    I could not agree with you more. Unneeded wars (military and drug) are bankrupting us. Unrestrained government intervention is killing innovation. Entitlement spending just makes me want to give up work and go on welfare like everyone else seems to do. Why bother working when the govt. will support you?

    Unfortunately Ron Paul will never get elected. People want to believe that the govt with all of its educated bureaucrats can pass laws that somehow magically transform the country

  4. Paul Melonas says:

    An understandable take on things and I sense your effort is to maintain your equalibrium. As you surely know, relaxation is key when on the high wire working without a net. I think I’ve heard all the promises, seen all the smiling faces, listened intently to all the talk and realized there is no acceptable answer when no one has figured out the real question. It really is so very easy, but no one really wants to know, which is the true folly of it all. How can you help but laugh ?

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