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In Response to “The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism”

In Response to “The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism”

Over a Roosh’s blog, he posted a guest writer’s article titled The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism.  It’s a fantastic piece which considers plenty of evo-psych perspectives that I tend to agree with, even though I would never consider myself a pick-up artist (PUA) or a gigolo.  For me, understand the evolutionary psychology of both men and women allows me to have the best relationships with others: business, friendships, family, sex, love, etc.  All relationships, to me, have the same basic definition: two individuals who freely exchange services and goods to fulfill each others’ needs, voluntarily without force.

Here’s my viewpoint on the 8 points the writer (Athlone McGinnis) made.

My general comment is that all of these issues can be handled if a man understands that women are of two minds: the inner brain (“hamster-wheel”) that motivate them to do things via action, and the outer brains (“testosterone-testing”) that motivates them to say things verbally.

On “Manning Up”: Even if a woman’s outer brain says that she wants a nice guy to man-up, in reality, it’s a shit-test, or what I call a testosterone test.  Utilize any disparaging words from a woman in regards to this topic as you would any test of your testosterone or manliness.  Never take the defensive position.  Women need to know that their men are strong leaders, and you can’t disparage them for wanting to prove it to themselves, over and over again — especially if you’ve had moments of weakness and lost your frame control of the relationship or a given situation.

On Obesity: Don’t tolerate it.  If I’m dating someone and I see that she’s losing control or becomes impulsive about anything, I’ll call her on it and let her know firmly that I can’t abide people who are too impulsive.  I don’t care if her addiction is shopping, alcohol, drugs, tattoos or food: if I am committing to a relationship, I want that person healthy.  This is also true of people I do business with, my friends, my family.  Don’t abide any impulsive behavior — if they don’t change, you end the relationship.

If someone is trying to break an addiction, encourage them but don’t become too much a part of that addiction healing process.  Codependency easily creeps in, so offer your support and even love, but don’t be a platform or foundation for recovery: they have to do it on their own.

On Divorce Laws: Marriage is a ridiculous premise n0wadays, because it’s proven faulty.  Individual evolutionary desires haven’t changed in tens of thousands of years, so going into a marital contract without protective provisions is idiotic.  Men’s eyes wander, women lose sexual desire when their man becomes too rooted and kept.  If you do marry, don’t be a doormat.  The worst thing a man can do in any relationship of any sort is to compromise his values that he had when he met the person he formed a relationship with.  I’m a jerk in business and my clients know this.  I would never reduce my jerky attitude because that would compromise the man I was when they met me, and that compromising would make them want to use me less.

Also, protect your assets in marriage: demand a prenuptial agreement, even if you don’t have many assets or capital.  In any relationship, it is wise to insure against failure — save 10% of your money as YOUR MONEY, in case of disaster later.  Do this in business, do this in family relations, and definitely do this in marriage.  Women file for divorce 60-80% of the time, so if she does, make sure you’re able to immediately move into an apartment and keep moving on with your life, without having to support her if she’s strayed from providing for your needs.  The moment your needs aren’t met, assume the worst will happen.

On “I just want a nice reliable guy”: There are women like that, but I’ve never met one.  Good women, the kind you commit to in the long term, want a leader for the guy they’re with.  The dual minded nature of women makes it difficult to know when she actually needs you to do something sweet, or when she’s testing you to see if she can clean her muddy boots on you.  Be aware of the common tests their inner brains do that are complete 180 degree opposites of what their lips are saying.

Also, even if you don’t have an intimate relationship with a woman, if you hear this bullshit come out of her mouth: call her out on it.  I’ve had friends tell me they’re sick of dating the assholes, but they keep up photos of them partying it up at the club with a beer in each hand.  If they want something new, they need to bury the old and that includes any history of slutty behavior.  Don’t let people talk about what they want unless they’ve made obvious steps to aim for those things.

On not knowing how to cook: This is an interesting one to me because almost every woman I’ve dated in my life was a terrible cook when she met me.  I am not old fashioned, but I do like a woman proving her adoration for me by cooking for me, giving me a back rub, and dressing up for solely my pleasure.  If a relationship lasts more than a few weeks, I’ll be the first one to encourage her to learn to cook.  If she doesn’t want to, I don’t pressure at all, but the relationship will end sooner rather than later.

One thing I can say is that a good majority of women I have dated long term are great cooks now — cooking together is a great bonding experience, plus it allows you to take a leadership role by showing her some of your cooking secrets and shortcuts.  It also teachers her what kind of food you like, and how you like it prepared.

On sex tourism: Oh, this is such a hilarious topic.  I know plenty of women who have traveled to other countries, hooked up, and then hidden it as much as possible, even though it’s obvious all of their female friends know about the hook-ups.  I don’t hook up when I travel unless I get into some sort of long distance long term relationship in the process of traveling.  That has happened, does happen, but I don’t go on vacation to have sex.  I know plenty more women who have traveled and hooked up than guys — and I know plenty of handsome, confident and driven men.  It’s a dirty little secret that seems to start on high school spring break.  Even the nice girls seem to put out when there’s no chance of being shamed for doing it.

On having standards way below their level of attractiveness: Call them out on it.  There’s nothing wrong with being honest — in fact, it’s manipulative for you to be supportive if you actually think the opposite.  It’s hilarious how many women want equality between the sexes, but get angry if a guy says another man is out of her league.  Her female friends can say it.  Of course, only do this with women you’ve already put in the friendship category — if you have feelings for a female friend, don’t get involved in her dating life outside of you.  My opinion in that case is to break off the friendship if she denies you what you want.  I’ve been on both sides of this line, and if a gal I’m attracted to doesn’t want me, there’s no room for friendship.  If she wants me sexually or as a boyfriend and I’m not attracted to her, I’ll let her know — but if she presses on, that friendship is over.

It’s comical how many women are hitting their 30s and 40s now who refuse to admit that men will always want a woman who is younger, tighter, prettier and less experienced — strictly from an evo-psych perspective.  It’s also comical how many women don’t even realize they’re taking themselves out of the game by flaunting their rides on the cock carousel through either photos posted to social networks, or stories they tell.  Sexual history should be kept as secretive as possible; we bury ourselves in our own dug graves by flaunting numbers or even specifics.

On Cougars: This has always amused me: older women are free to have sex with younger guys, but the minute I start seeing a 19 or 20 year old, the women in my life say I’m perverted.  Guess what?  20 year olds are prettier, tighter, generally less experienced, and the ones who have dated me have preferred my power, wealth, confidence and knowledge over guys their ages.  If I ever have a daughter, you better believe I’ll tell her to date older guys if she wants to have fun, date guys closer to her age if she wants to commit and get serious.  There’s no shame in a man (or a woman) sharing a pleasurable relationship with another person of any age.

To recap: remember that women have two minds.  One is their inner mind, which produces their actions; one is their outer mind, which spews things verbally that can be completely the opposite of what they really want.  You’re a man, stick to your guns and don’t compromise.  If you do compromise, you’re belittling yourself, and you’ll end up losing the gal you want in your life.  Good women want men to lead — if they don’t, they’re not good women.  Discard the ones that don’t appreciate that you’re a man, and you know what you want and how to get it.

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  1. RL says:

    Good post! Which blogs do you usually comment on?

  2. vb says:

    Great advice.

  3. MK says:

    Real cool blog layout you have going.

    If someone is trying to break an addiction, encourage them but don’t become too much a part of that addiction healing process. Codependency easily creeps in, so offer your support and even love, but don’t be a platform or foundation for recovery: they have to do it on their own.

    Good call many a white knight fall for this trap every time.

    <b)On Divorce Laws
    Good covering this topic men are absolutely getting their clocks cleaned here. I have heard even a prenup is not sufficient a lot of times so proceed with extreme caution (unless your marrying way up and it is her money and not family money)

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