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Thank you, Sean Maher, for being gay

Thank you, Sean Maher, for being gay

I just want to say “Thank you!” to actor Sean Maher for coming out of the closet.  That’s one more handsome, chiseled man out of my dating market. Keep it up, pretty boys; it’s simple economics: lower supply + regular demand = higher prices for good, straight men in this country.

Dating relationships are one of those acts of barter that have a heavy response to what I call relationship economic indicators.  In layman terms, it all boils down to supply and demand: what attributes are in high demand, and what is the supply of those attributes within a person’s dating market.  Take those two figures and you end up with a price, no different than the price of oranges going up if a crop ends up frozen and spoiled.  The price in dating terms, though, isn’t financial, but still matters: when the supply of a personal attribute is low and the demand is high, the people who seek that attribute will “pay more” in terms of the time they invest in finding people to date and in how they have to act to keep those people interested.

Example: if there were ten gorgeous and athletically-built women for everyone one average guy, the average guys could wander around unshowered for 10 days and in torn unwashed clothes and STILL manage a date (it’s this way in New York City, guys).  On the other hand, if there was only 1 gorgeous and athletically-built woman for every 10 guys, the guys would have to up their time-spending in order to compete with each other for the limited supply of hot women.

Let’s look at Sean Maher’s dating attributes and how they have an effect on supply and demand in his dating market (likely California).  First, he’s a handsome son-of-a-bitch.  There’s a high demand for handsome gents, although in LA I’m sure there’s a higher supply of them, too.  He’s not tall, but not short either: at 5’10″ he’s “tall enough” to be able to sell that attribute in a dating market.  He’s got money, notably from his 14 year acting history, culminating in a growth in popularity from acting in the cult sci-fi hit Firefly (and the spin-off movie, Serenity).  Good looks, decent height, solid income: this guy is in high demand by women.

So when you remove someone with high-demand attributes, you lower the supply, thereby raising the price to women seeking those attributes to have to sell themselves stronger to the remaining fewer men in that given market.

To put it in simpler terms for the layman, again: if it wasn’t for all of those gorgeous gay men, women would stop wearing dresses and makeup due to the oversupply of bachelors.

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  1. Hah. Good call.

    I was waiting to read your take on Female Mating Economics but you just went with the boys on this one.

    Then again, why do I think the ultimate answer would be “they have boobies, nuf said” ;-p

    Enjoying your site!

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