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I’m a racist, sexist, homophobe and also: I hate the children and the eldery.

I’m a racist, sexist, homophobe and also: I hate the children and the eldery.

I don’t like blacks, gays and women.

I also don’t like whites, straights, or men.  I really hate the children, and the AARP retirees can kiss my ass.

Latinos, bisexuals, the middle class are all useless.  Don’t get me started on the transgendered: no place in my life whatsoever.

Unions and corporations are also personae non gratae, vermin in my field of flowers.

So call me a racist, call me sexist, label me with homophobia, pedophobia, against the aged.

Why stop there?  I hate farmers, too.  Android developers can basically shove lead pipes up their rectums repeatedly.  Musicians who tour and graphics designers who prefer Photoshop are on my list of groups who should be admonished.

Here’s the thing though: if you’re a black, gay, retired farmer who happens to play guitar and use Photoshop, I probably will like you.

How is that possible?  Don’t I hate blacks, gays, the retired, farmers, musicians and Photoshop users?


I hate groups.  I can’t stand it.  You are not the group you label yourself with, and they are not you.  Take any two black homosexuals and I will show you more that they don’t have in common than they do.  One may like golf, another may like swimming.  One may prefer to live with a south facing living room whereas the other prefers the bedroom facing the south for that warm morning sun.

Groupthink mentality is not welcome here.  I don’t give a damn what group you think you’re a part of, you’re not part of that group except in the most minuscule microscopic way.  Each and every pejorative slur used against an individual that labels them as part of a group is just idiotic.

Groups are the reason for lobbying: it isn’t an individual who is specifically asking for more than the others are getting.  And yet, the groups who gain aren’t gaining over other groups, they’re taking from individuals, pennies each that add up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year.  From your pocket.

Groups don’t get rights or lose them, individuals do.  Groups aren’t superior or inferior — the individuals making the group each have their own status compared to each other and compared to individuals outside the label.  Groups (teams) don’t win ball games, individuals strive to their best ability to provide the best support for the other individuals on their side.  Groups don’t finish projects at the office — individuals all strive to do the best job possible to make sure that their part of the end goal is done well, quickly, within budget.

We’re individuals.  Every minute of every day we make decisions based on what we feel we need or want most at any given moment.  I might decide I would rather have a fresh cup of coffee right now than save that money towards a trip to California in 3 months.  You might have made the complete opposite choice, or picked between two unrelated choices.  Tomorrow, I might make the opposite decision, saving that $4 towards a future trip.  You’ll have even more different and unrelated options than you did today.  You and I have bigger differences than we have things in common.

If we make the mistake the world makes and throw all of the billions of independent choices made every day into a big database and sorted it by commonality, you’ll see some trends, but they’re fake.  They’re made up.  You can not take that chaos and order it and have it mean anything.

It doesn’t matter that millions of people are worried about foreclosure — there are millions of people who aren’t worried about it, and millions of people who are considering buying a home, and millions of people who are downsizing or upsizing because they’re bringing a child into the world or watching one leave for college.  The statistics don’t matter — and the groups that are defined by those statistics don’t matter, either.

I know black men who have great jobs in finance, and white guys who hit the liquor store every day and have committed violent crimes to provide for their addictions.  It doesn’t matter that the groups are black or white or men or women, it matters what each individual has done for themselves to get them in the positions they are in life.

Honkies, niggers, fags, old fogies, hipsters, gooks, breeders, bible bangers, coconuts, curry-munchers, terrorists.


I can extend this nightmare of groupthink to everything that people hate: corporations aren’t individuals.  Churches aren’t individuals.  Vegans aren’t individuals.  What the hell is your problem that you think you need to label yourself just so you feel like you belong?

That’s what’s wrong with this world: we want to find groups in the chaos, and we want to attribute the reasons why we ourselves are failures to some other group.  The immigrants are taking our jobs!  No, but some individual may have come to this country, worked harder at lower pay, and made it harder for you to get a job.  It has nothing to do with that individual being an immigrant — it has to do with the fact that someone was willing to work harder and cheaper.

Yes, there are individuals who happen to hate other individuals because of a label.  It’s pretty common, every individual has their own likes and dislikes for whatever reason.  It’s part of what makes us unique, and the lovely part of freedom is our ability to choose who we interact with and who we don’t.  To take offense at what one individual says or does or believes is to limit yourself by wasting time focusing on something you, as an individual, have little power to change.  Instead, focus on your relationships with other individuals you are compatible with.

If someone hates you for a group you may fall under the label of, stop wasting your time with that individual.  If you hate someone because of a group label they fall under, understand that you’re limiting your market of productivity: you may be missing out on a good or service at a better price by removing that supplier from your market.

We’re individuals.  We’re not part of groups.  The moment you join a group and accept that label, you’re limiting yourself to a generalization, and the most successful people in the world are that way because they promote to other individuals why they are different: what they can do that is unique or better than the other individuals offering the same good or service.

There is no “I” in “TEAM”.  There is also no Y, O, or U.

We’re individuals, unique — and selling your uniqueness rather than your common traits is what makes you worthwhile to each individual you interact with, have a relationship with.

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About A.B. Dada

A.B. Dada resides in Chicago, Illinois and manages a multitude of businesses involved across a wide range of industries.


  1. Herbert Jenkovitz says:

    seems like you don’t like -isms.

    but i bet you love jism.

  2. Mark Slater says:

    Ahh, so you dislike groupthink, do you, Mr. Dada. I can’t imagine what group you believe you belong to, I would humbly suggest there is no “group” for a man who is an odd mix of Donald Trump, the Marquis de Sade, and Billy Graham.

    The best thing about “groups” I think, is that it saves so much time. I can just tell myself, “I think I’ll avoid *that* crowd” and be much happier based on my own prejudices.

    “The most successful people in the world are that way because they promote to other individuals why they are different”. Another gem! I’ll have to remember this one. I really need to cut and paste these things to a CD-ROM entitled “Dadaisms”

    • A.B. Dada says:

      I don’t belong to any groups.

      I consider myself an anarcho-capitalist as a defining trait, but even then I don’t agree with the majority of anarcho-capitalist individuals in so many ways.

      I’m a preterist by faith, but veer from plenty of preterist individuals’ ideology and theology.

      I’m biracial by genetics: half Indian, half Polish, but I have nothing much to do with Poland or India.

      Instead, I am a mixture of minor attributes of all of these groups, baked into one individual who is ever changing, ever dreaming, ever challenging myself and those individuals who relate to me. And, still, they’re all individuals. They’re not in a group called “my friends” or “my colleagues” or “my enemies.”

  3. (r)Evoluzione says:

    AAahahhhahahaha! Stellar, love the post and the perspective.

    Seeing a person as an individual–that’s what really counts, and too many people get fooled by demographics and don’t dare to look inside to grok the true essence of the soul, if you will, that inhabits that particular skin-suit called a human being.

    Of course the trolls, peckerweeds, and dillholes would hate on this post. Don’t you just love irony?

  4. anon says:

    So glad I read this before I paid the $20 for your “grass-fed-fed” shirt. I don’t give my money to white men who vaunt “black men of finance” (where again?) over “white men hitting the bottle” to score deniability cred with anti-racist passersby.

    You are part of a group — white people all over the world are hard at work offering such miserable self-denying platitudes as that to each other as social proof that they “aren’t racist”. You are of that subgroup, also typified by Vijay Prozak of ANUS, who like to shock people with suggestions of racism but quickly retreat into “safe” individualism, whence they fiddle with straw men like your successful black bidni’ man and white alcoholic.

    Christ, I expect more from you.

    • A.B. Dada says:

      Everyone can find ghosts if they look hard enough.

      I can’t apologize that you took issue, but I will say this: I considered NOT posting that part, but I wanted to put the edge in to see how people responded, especially my black friends.

      You’re the first one to point it out, and you’re anonymous, so I can’t even discuss it further as there’s no one to discuss it with.

      I appreciate your comment, though.


  5. anon says:

    “I’m biracial by genetics: half Indian, …”

    Ah. There we have it. ;)

  6. not_PC says:

    I’m a lesbian in a man’s body. :-)

  7. JJ says:

    Wait… But I though ALL women get wet from interactions with jerks, and NONE of them actually enjoy pleasant interaction with a well brought up guy enough to actually entertain the notion that he might make a desirable lover. Well… There is that .001% that might ( they are probably too hairy), but saying that 99.99% of a group are a certain way is to correctly assert that, statistically they ARE all the same.

    You said that your comic strips are real advise. Is it not true? Are they just for entertainment?

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