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Politically Correct?

Politically Correct?

Let me be clear here about something:

“Politically correct.”

Politics — “The activities associated with the governance of a country or area.”
Correct — “Free from error; in accordance with fact or truth.”

When I say something that you consider culturiist, sexist, prejudice, agist, weightist or anything else, that’s me saying it. I’m expressing myself.

You’ve had 40 years to express your equality bullshit. Most of you who still support the “equality correct” line of thinking hate your lives. You do. It’s so obvious. You’re angry, all the time. It’s comical to me, which is why I rub my salt into the wounds you exposed on your own skin.

I’m not politically incorrect, because my freedom to express my truth has nothing to do with governance. It has to do with human behavior and action.

Maybe I’m socially incorrect, but even that is proven false when what I say turns out to be correct, whereas what you espouse just makes people more depressed. I guess I’m morally incorrect, which I will accept specifically because morals are ideas that are based strictly on the concept of “do as I say, not as I do.” Nearly every single person who has come down on me from the moral pedestal has ended up violating their own moral compass in exactly the way that they judged me.

Your reliance and hope in politics weakens you, weakens your life, weakens your options.

Your dependence on morality makes you a hypocrite.

Your desire to regulate my behavior and words only makes me stronger when it comes out that the way I live creates a happier community for not only myself, but for those who are part of that community.

Your inability to see that the  laws and morals your community enforces are made specifically to weaken you.  It doesn’t matter if these are created by the force of law, or the word of a leader of faith, or your neighbor: hypocrisy is the downfall of man, because the attempt to live without hypocrisy is what restricts you to the sad, lonely, desperate, impoverished, unhealthy life you’re probably living today.

I’ve freed myself of hypocrisy by being brutally honest.  The people who are in my life continue to be shocked at my words and actions, but my words and actions harm no one (and they probably help those in my communities).  My words and actions are merely part of the honest path I’ve chosen for myself.  That honesty is what allows people to make a decision before entering my community, rather than being shocked when the hypocrisies come to light.  No one exits my community by saying “you lied to me!” or “you tricked me!” or “I didn’t know that about you.”

In general, I’m not here to help you.  I’m not here to be nice to you.  I’m not here to care about what you do.  I’m here for me, and when others align with me, I am here for them.  But if they judge me, I will shine a mirror on their own hypocrisies.  It’s quite simple that they can not shine anything back at me without trying to use the politically correct ammunition which strikes at their own hearts and minds, but not at mine.

“I told you so” are words that can only be said by the individual who professes openness about how they feel about everything.  I don’t mask my opinions out of fear of being judged.  I let those opinions pour out visibly, in hopes that I will find other like-minded people who are sick and tired of their shitty lives, and are willing to shrug off their own masks of “political correctness.”

If that describes you, welcome to the ride.

If it isn’t you, thanks for giving me the continuing target of hypocrisy that my ammunition of truth will always aim true at.

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