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Why Apple sues to protect Intellectual Property

Why Apple sues to protect Intellectual Property

I am surprised that even the anarchist economists are 100% clueless about why Apple is suing everyone over intellectual property.

It has nothing to do with protecting their intellectual property from competition. That is 100% a myth, but even Apple won’t tell the truth, and Samsung relies on the exact same reason for their future power.

I’ll give you all a few hints that not one person in the world but I will say publicly; even bigger than this hint is the fact that almost every economist, technology expert and financial consultant are also clueless about the reasoning behind intellectual property rights in the US.

Here’s are the hints, play along and let’s see if you can figure it out.

  1. Braeburn Capital
  2. Double Irish/Dutch Sandwich
  3. $100 billion deposited in the Cayman Islands, growing by $15 billion a quarter.

If you know of all 3 of these hints, you will understand why Apple sued Samsung and why most huge megacorporations sue to protect their so-called intellectual property.

And it has nothing to do with competition.

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  1. elai says:

    Hahaha, the more IP to licence, the more tax to avoid with the Double Irish/Dutch Sandwich tax strategy.

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